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Tweet Recap: The Bailey Bowl Blowup

See all the Twitter shade you missed while our #RHOA 'Wives were throwing bottles and insults at The Bailey Bowl.

Leave it to the ladies of the The Real Housewives of Atlanta to turn a friendly competition into an all out war. Yes, last night at Cynthia Bailey's Bailey Bowl, Marlo Hampton went off on the very rich NeNe Leakes and Kenya Moore was caught in the crossfire. But the shade-throwing didn't end there, the 'Wives took to Twitter to sound off on the showdown.

Before we even got to the epic Bailey Bowl brawl, Cynthia tweeted out her feelings on a certain word being thrown around between the ladies:

Could it be that Miss Bailey is finding some faults in her girl NeNe? We know her husband Peter has recently. . .

We also found out that Lisa Vanderpump might not be the only so-called "Bobby Fischer" of the Housewives when Kenya tweeted this during Peter's birthday soiree:

But let's get to the main event: The Bailey Bowl battle. Miss Kenya Moore weighed in on NeNe's issues with Marlo:

And she threw this shade directly in NeNe's direction: 

Meanwhile, NeNe tossed some blame Kenya's way for the fight on the field with this retweet:

Maybe Kenya is really playing chess after all? Either way, it seems NeNe won't be inviting Kenya to spill the tea anytime soon:

If we've learned one thing, it's to never say never when it comes to our 'Wives.

And what did Kandi Burruss have to say about the blowup?

Yes, Kandi, yes she did.

Tell us in the comments: Did Marlo betray NeNe by being Kenya's new pal, or is NeNe reading this situation wrong? 

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