Kenya: I Don't Hold Grudges

Kenya Moore dishes on her date and seeing Peter Thomas for the first time. How did you feel your date with Matt went?
Kenya Moore: Matt is a cutie! Kind... Check... Sweet, check... Respectful, check... And it doesn't hurt that he's 6'6". He asked me out several times, but it was always bad timing and I initially thought he was a little too young for me. I'm happy I agreed to go out with him, and we had a really good time. I like how excited he seemed to be. That's a nice feeling. Was it awkward seeing Peter?
KM: Even though we don't see eye to eye all the time, I respect that he has always been honest and forthcoming. Despite the fact that we had a little disagreement when tensions in their marriage were high, I am still his friend. I don't hold grudges. What did you think of Kandi and Demetria's music video?
KM: I was so excited to see how well it turned out! Kandi looked simply beautiful and Demetria was equally as stunning. Together, they made an awesome duo! The song is also really good! I'm so proud of them.

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