Kim: Beatless was a Theme, Not a Requirement

Kim Fields dishes on all the drama at her beatless brunch. What went through your mind when most of the women didn't come beatless to the brunch?
Kim Fields: First of all, I was happy they all showed up. When you do something different, you really don't know what to expect. Second, “beatless” was a theme, not a mandatory requirement. It's not like I said, “No make up, no waffles.” LOL! When you're hosting a get-together, the only things that runs through your mind is ensuring your guests have a good time. Were you surprised Kenya took offense to your beatless brunch?
KF: People will take things how they want to; you can only make your intentions and motivation clear. Did it bother you at all that Cynthia was pushing for you to work together with Kenya?
KF: No. Cynthia is creative and (as she mentioned) appreciates the work and Kenya and I have done individually. A potential client made a request in a pitch meeting. That's a part of the process.

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