Kim: It Was Interesting to See the Ladies' Dynamics

Kim Fields dishes on her first time meeting all the other 'Wives. How often do you and Chris have date night?
Kim Fields: We don't have a standing date night. Most times when we have Us Time (non-work related), it's in the afternoon when Sebastian is at school (like a matinee movie or lunch), if our crazy schedules allow. The bottom line for us is remembering we are still a couple, not just parents. We aren't always successful with remembering, but we do try! What did you think of Kenya's event?
KF: Besides the warm temperature, I thought it was a pretty fun evening out. As entrepreneurs, we will always enjoy celebrating the launch of a fellow entrepreneur's business or product, their vision and hard work. What was it like meeting all the girls?
KF: Meeting the ladies was nice. It was really interesting to see all of the dynamics that go on when they're all together and interacting. I will always be grateful to Chris for having my back and not leaving my side! LOL! Especially when none of the other husbands could be there. I'm not really sure that this is (or will become) my thing per se, but it's fun to be out and in a new environment.

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