Kim: Wonderful Things Came Out of the D.C. Trip

Kim Fields shares her thoughts on the trip to D.C. Have you ever had to travel with the kids without your husband before?
Kim Fields: Yes. We do have sitters who have travel with me or we get assistance when we get to a city, when we are provided enough lead time to coordinate. There are unfortunately crazies out there, I can't just call anybody. What was going through your mind during the meeting with Congresswoman Wilson?
KF: I thought she was engaging, insightful, and passionate about her inspiring work not only in Congress but with her foundation. Do you regret going on the D.C. trip?
KF: Not at all!! Nothing but wonderful things have come from the DC trip! I'm delayed getting this out today because I was just with Congresswoman Wilson at her event where she honored me and my family.

PS: The charity event I hosted that night for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society's Light the Night Walk was amazing. Over a million dollars was raised, check it out:

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