Phaedra: I Do Not Have Any Regrets

Phaedra Parks opens up about bringing the kids to visit Apollo in prison. What did you think about the finished “Mercial”?
Phaedra Parks: I thought the “Mercial” turned out extremely cute. Kim was extremely professional, and it was great being a part of making Cynthia and Kim’s vision a reality. What was going through your mind the days leading up to your visit with Apollo?
PP: My first priority is the safety and wellbeing of our children. As I have voiced on many occasions, my primary concern about the visit was how it would impact our sons. I know how that life experiences shape a child's perspective of the world; so my thoughts were all based on the possible negative impacts to our sons. I was praying for their spiritual covering and the wisdom to respond to any questions they may have during and after the visit. How do you feel the visit with Apollo went?
PP: The visit went well and I do not have any regrets. My goal has always been to facilitate a positive relationship between Apollo and our sons. I am happy that we were able to make the trip and were allowed to visit.


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