Phaedra: I Loved Kenya's Costume

Phaedra Parks dishes on her Christmas party. What was it like working with Dwight again on your party?
Phaedra Parks: It is always fun working with Dwight. He and I have been friends for almost twenty years. During those years we have created extraordinary events together, from my bridal shower to my sons’ birthday parties, which we fondly call “experiences.” When it comes to events, he and I are like two peas in pod! The sky is always the limit! Dwight and I have similar tastes; we both know what separates a good party from a great party is creativity and attention to detail. Planning a party is my art form; some people paint, others write music, I create fabulous events. Whenever I have a party I think of it as a gift for my guests, and I try to give them an experience they will always remember! What did you think of Kenya’s Grinch costume?
PP: I could not have dreamed of a more appropriate costume for Kenya. It was a classic case of art imitating life. I loved it! How was it working with Chris on your dance routine?
PP: Chris is a trained dancer and an accomplished vocalist. I was appreciative that he took time out of his schedule to dance with me for the party.

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