Phaedra: "No Stories Shock or Amaze Me"

Phaedra Parks shares her thoughts on Johnnie's visit to her office. What do you think of Porsha's boyfriend, Todd?
Phaedra Parks: After having the pleasure of meeting and being around Todd, I found him to be nice and genuinely concerned about Porsha. As Porsha's friend, I only want the best for her, and if Todd makes her happy, I am happy for her. How difficult was it to put together your camp?
PP: Everybody knows that anything worth having or doing usually does not come or happen without hard work and few challenges. Thankfully, I was blessed to have great collaborators and momentum around the project; coupled with an amazing team so we were able to organize a camp despite being in another state. What went through your mind when Johnnie told you about his situation with Kandi?
PP: After practicing law for eighteen years, no stories shock or amaze me. When anyone seeks my advice in my professional capacity as an attorney, I always try to provide assistance.

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