Camille Grammer Reveals Her '90s Modeling Headshot and She Hasn't Changed One Bit

It's a blast from the past. 

The things you find when cleaning out the garage. Camille Grammer of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills uncovered an artifact from her past while straightening up, and she took the time to share it on Instagram as a walk down memory lane. Camille wrote in the caption of a very glam modeling photo: "Found one of my old headshots from 95 cleaning out my garage. Where does the time go.. I’m just happy I’m still here."

Is it just us, or does this photo look like it could've been taken yesterday? One fan wrote: "You look exactly the same!" Another wrote: "Looking like the quintessential 90s bombshell." 

No wonder Camille is in an introspective mood. She recently opened up about her second skin-cancer diagnosis and how she's feeling great after undergoing two cancer surgeries. Sounds like Camille is living her best life — and we're taking a page from her empowering attitude (and also her skincare product recommendations). 

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