BH Producers

BH Producer Dave Rupel discusses the most unpredictable moments of this week's episode and why he saw the fight coming.

Oct 11, 2011

I've seen several comments out there that our show is scripted, which as the person who knows our show inside and out -- it kind of cracks me up. Because simply put, it isn't. I'm a pretty good writer, but in my wildest dreams, I would never have imagined the following things:

  • Kim calling Dana "Pam" and after being corrected, shooting back, "Well, you look like a Pam." Funny stuff. Because that's the quirky way Kim's mind works.
  • Adrienne canceling at the last minute. Adrienne has always described herself to be very competitive, so we were eager to see her in a competitive situation. However, this was the time frame where Adrienne and her family were in intense negotiations with the NBA about possibly moving the team, so Adrienne really did miss this event with a legitimate excuse.
  • Brandi thinking Winston Churchill was a great black leader. I felt for Brandi in that moment. We've all made silly mistakes in our lives, but most people don't have them broadcast on national television. To her credit, in Brandi's blog, she owned up to the mistake. What more could a person do?
  • Kyle tasting Kim's coffee, knowing what that implies. In Kyle's defense, I've seen her in agony over worrying about her sister.
  • Kim hiding Brandi's crutches. You could've picked my jaw up off the ground from shock when I watched that happen.

Now, as for the argument, that didn't surprise me. With Kyle and Kim not welcoming Brandi as part of their team and Brandi questioning what was up with Kim's repeated trips to the bathroom, a clash seemed imminent.

Until next week, please send your questions and comments my way. And please let me know –- what was your water cooler moment for this week’s episode?