Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa wonders what Brandi's accussation was all for and reflects on the untied front Kyle, Yolanda, and Kim presented in Puerto Rico.

on Mar 3

As we conclude this fiasco of a vacation (I use that word loosely), it brings it all back. . .

I understand Joyce and Michael's comment saying that we should have answered. But, as Joyce now says when she sees the footage since she wasn't there, I answered on the beach -- and that for most people would've been enough.

So when I witness Yolanda stating I left because I didn't want to have that conversation. . .she was right. I knew what they were looking for. They were looking for blood. It is quite fascinating to see the two-faced conversations, full of animosity from people I believed to be friends, that led up to this. I hope they are proud of themselves and what they see. I wouldn't be --  that's a certainty.

I do believe that if you state categorically, denying the accusation, as I did to Kyle saying"I did not see the magazines when we were at Brandi's house." I was baffled, but still defending myself. To then keep perpetually interrogating me with the same question -- well at that point that is tantamount to being called a liar. I should only have to answer it once. When I see Mauricio calling me a "f---ing bitch" on the beach over a rumor from the trustworthy Brandi, that hurts. Kim had only heard it from Brandi too. She wasn't there. . . but was acting as if she was a viable witness. Then in an interview, for Kim to say she was glad we were gone -- that spoke volumes.

Yolanda now states in her blog that no, she never saw me with the magazine. I wish she had said that at the time. Carlton who was there too and potentially could have supported me -- she confirmed that also. I had been the last one to arrive. We were in the hallway and no she also never saw the tabloid. Where was this all coming from?