Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa gives you the history on Scheana, wonders what Yolanda is really fighting for, and asks you to decide who you believe.

on Feb 24

Oh what a difficult week. My natural reaction is to plunge myself deep into work and ignore this. To not to blog, as I didn't want to revisit the pain I felt at that time. But I think you need to understand exactly what has transpired.

First, I have to give you the history of this contentious subject regarding Scheana. So two years ago, at the opening of SUR Lounge, Brandi was there. I knew her a little from her being involved in the show. I was wary of her as she said she was a friend of Cedric's. We discovered later that was not true, but really, apart from that, had very little knowledge of her and her ex-husband.

The group of staff who wanted to be in the pilot that is now Vanderpump Rules had already been assembled and were working that night of the finale party. They were not mic-ed as they had no connection to that event. But I had to have servers and it seemed logical to put people in who were going to be comfortable in that situation.
Scheana had worked for me at that time for about three years. At that point, I had roughly 150 staff. She was also a friend of Pandora's, as many of the staff are and were all invited to her wedding. Did I know Scheana well? As a waitress, I would say yes, personally not at all. I had heard that she had acted and that is about it. Even today I could not tell you where she lives or where she is from -- but I do know her to be a lovely girl and an excellent employee who has rarely let me down in five years.

Scheana approaches me, from what I recall, saying there had been words between her and Brandi. I believe the cameras barely caught it and a subtitle was put up on screen to explain. Nobody at SUR had a clue that there was any connection or knew that several years ago there had been a relationship with Brandi's ex-husband, whom I had never heard of. So the only plausible thing for me to do was to remove Scheana from the situation as quickly as possible out of consideration for Brandi. Not that Brandi was a friend of mine (In fact I remember her being so inconsiderate at the same party, shouting for me to give Cedric a kiss, obviously not knowing me at all), but more because she was one of my guests. If, as Brandi is suggesting, that any of us knew, trust me in that situation, she would have been asked to stay. No I sent her off ASAP and was enlightened later that she had been involved with Eddie Cibrian, while not knowing he was married, and it had resulted in an affair.