Erika Girardi: The Invitation Called for Stunning, And That's What She Got

Erika shares more about casting for her new music video and tensions at Dorit's 40th birthday party.

I’m super excited to be casting for my new music video "XXPENSIVE" in this week’s episode. It’s always great to see such talented dancers come out and do their thing. This is not easy choreography, and this casting is not an easy decision. I am confident, though, that we found what we were looking for and this video is going to be incredible.

Dorit’s birthday party was quite the celebration. PK did a great job for his wife, and I had a fabulous time with the ladies—even though I was the only one in the room not drinking. Dorit says the invitation for her party called for "stunning"—and with these pumps, this hair, and this fresh-off-the-runway Moschino dress, that’s exactly what she got. But then again, not everyone can appreciate the same on-point fashion moments. 

It’s interesting to watch Rinna and Eileen interact with LVP given the obvious tension left over from last season. It can be hard to let go of hurtful disagreements, but I’m hoping to see them move forward soon. I do think Lisa’s comment about Vinny did in fact hurt Eileen's feelings, and I hate seeing that. But we are here to celebrate Dorit tonight and that’s just want I am going to do. Happy 40th! 

See you next Tuesday…


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