Brandi Glanville Sparked Major Backlash With Her Fridge Pic — And Her Response Is Scorching

The RHOBH alum has "two f---ing freezers filled with meat," OK haters?

In today's installment of peek inside the fridge, let's take a look inside the gleaming, well-organized shelves of Brandi Glanville's — and then let's review the, um, less pristine words she used to describe which snacks she keeps on standby. Welcome to a kitchen tour, Brandi-style. 

Here's how it all began: On August 26, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum attempted to start a friendly Twitter dialog with her fellow parents. "Who else understands me when my kids open the refrigerator and say we have nothing to eat and it looks like this???," she wrote. By this, she was referring to the shelves filled with yogurts, fruit snacks, actual fruits, applesauce containers, and more kid-friendly snacks.

Take a look, and see if you can't pick out something for a tot to eat:

But, while you and I might get a few ideas of what to eat, not all of Brandi's followers did. One Internet user commented: "umm well you dont really have any good FOOD! just juice,condiments and snack packs!" Think Brandi took that sitting down? As if!

She was quick to respond (get ready): "I have fruit & vegetables in the drawer you just [saw] the refrigerator side are you f---ing kidding me ? You just want to give me a hard time suck it-I made filet mignon and vegetable quinoa for dinner suck my f---ing long a-- dick and choke on it." 

Well, comments (and responses) of the like followed, until Brandi was inspired to put up a catch-all warning of sorts, for those who would try to come after her again. Quick warning: If you're bothered by curse words, look away! Otherwise, dare to scroll down: 

In other words: Don't come for Brandi's fridge! 

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