Cary: We are All Guilty of Breaking Confidences

Cary Deuber reveals what she actually said to Stephanie Hollman about LeeAnne Locken.

Yay! #RHOD is back! Summer vacay is almost over; Mark, Zuri, and I are back settled into Dallas from our annual July trip to Switzerland. I’m looking forward to sharing the upcoming season with you all!

I’m super excited for you to meet our new friends: Kameron and D’Andra. Right off the bat, the show opens with Kam and her fur baby Louis (Vuitton) getting to my house for a doggie play date with my furry babies, Lily, Daisy, and Izzy, and Stephanie’s Biscuit. Kameron really is amazing; if she plays the dumb blonde card, she really is just playing! I have a lot of fun interactions with D’Andra as the year progresses as well; we’ve been friends for more than ten years! Much more on that front later.

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I really want to make an effort to get along with ALL of the girls this year; it is going to be challenging though, because there is some real friction as the season opens between Stephanie and Brandi. Hmmm…how to sort it all out.

It’s best to be a supportive friend (preferably from neutral territory), but Mark’s birthday party was very difficult. I was torn! I wanted to celebrate my husband, but I also wanted to take care of my girls. Most importantly, I didn’t want to selfishly involve myself and create MORE issues.

So the Stephanie text message… I’m still not sure what’s up!?!

I called Stephanie after my talk with LeeAnne. It was a long conversation. We talked about how she was trying to involve herself in Stephanie’s business and I didn’t think that was a good idea. I did not say the words: “LeeAnne was up to her old tricks.” Apparently, that was Steph’s takeaway. Honestly, the behavior fits a pattern, so I don’t blame her for deducing that…

Do I regret calling Stephanie? No. She’s my friend, and I want my friends to be prepared for anything that might be coming, positive or negative.

To summarize the events: I called Stephanie to tell her about my conversation with LeeAnne; NEXT, Stephanie texted Brandi to tell her what she took away from our conversation; THEN, Brandi turned around and told LeeAnne what Stephanie said; FINALLY, LeeAnne came back to me with Brandi’s conversation. All of these were probably meant in confidence; and all (hopefully) with good intentions.

We girls are all guilty of breaking confidences (hopefully with the best intentions). Haven’t we all gotten caught up in a game of telephone, trying to do something with good intentions and then the outcome is not what we predicted or wanted? Are we all right? All wrong? Or a little of both?

Where will it go…

I think it’s safe to say it’s going to be a wild ride. I hope I’m still standing at the end of the day…and the year.

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