Ana Quincoces

Ana believes Norman was just what the ladies needed to lift the ladies' spirits.

on Nov 2, 2012

Another commitment prevented me from attending Lea’s gala, but the event and the ladies looked equally beautiful. I am glad she was able to raise money for a worthy cause. 

Marysol and I had a chance to visit before we went to our respective events. It was nice to spend some time alone with her, since we rarely have the opportunity to catch up on each other’s ever-evolving personal lives.

It is difficult for Marysol to discuss her relationship with Philippe.  It was a reluctant separation for lack of a better term; a separation borne out of an inability to coexist rather than an inability to love. It is sad to see a friend rationalize doing something that she is so clearly not ready to do. I hope she does some serious soul searching before she leaps into the divorce pond. It’s pretty shallow in there. 

Filing for divorce has been a bit of a challenge for me. Twenty-three years is most of my adult life and the prospect of doing this “life thing” alone scares the living crap out of me. But I understand that holding on to someone out of fear or force of habit is not fair. My separation has been particularly challenging, because we didn’t completely separate. There is more proximity than is probably healthy. The fact that we still work together doesn’t help matters either. It has been a real struggle for me to cut the proverbial cord. It is a difficult topic for me to open up about. But, as you will see as the season progresses, there is little one can hide from the camera when genuine feelings are involved. Starting over at this point in my life is daunting, but like a modern day Mary Tyler Moore I think I’m “gonna make it after all…”

I apologize for the “Debbie Downer” tone of my blog this week, but it is an honest reflection of how I am feeling at this point.  As always, I encourage you to share your thoughts with me.