Ana Quincoces

Ana explains where she was coming from during the reunion.

on Jan 4, 2013

Is it a coincidence that every girl that Lea has attacked is a Cuban girl? Cristy Rice during Season 1, Marysol during both seasons, and me during the reunion? I think not.  She stood idly by while Alexia’s Cuban husband was being badmouthed, but stood up and defended Thomas Kramer, a misogynist who has acted in a despicable manner for many years. Yes, I was angry and reminded Lea that at her age she needs to behave and not be a disingenuous hypocrite. But, if you watched closely throughout the season, I rarely became involved in any of the petty drama. I spoke up when it was necessary and made a difference (i.e. Thomas Kramer). I stood by and defended my friends. I had the same friends at the beginning of the season as I had at the end. I opened myself and my life up to the viewers at the risk of falling flat on my face -- even enduring being called a fool for mourning the loss of my 23 year marriage. I was honest, I was open, and I was real.

Looking back on the season there are some things I may have done differently. Looking back on the reunion there is so much more I wish you had seen. What you saw was a microcosm of the 10 hours we filmed. Had you seen it all, everything would be much clearer for you.

I’m glad the viewers saw my wonderful family this year -- my beautiful girls Kati and Beba, both of whom are well on their way to success -- Kati will be starting law school in the fall, and Beba will graduate next year at the top of her class from the University of Miami with a degree in Motion Pictures. And they both are great cooks, chips off the "old" block.

You had the opportunity to see a bit about what I've accomplished. I'm proud of my success as a lawyer for many years, and now I'm excited about my new plans to continue writing my books, launching my food line, and toying with the idea of opening a small restaurant. Unlike others, I have not sought to pimp my wares each and every week here on my blog, but instead shared an appropriate recipe that you might want to try. So, just in case you are interested and want more of my recipes, yes, you can buy either one of my books, Cuban Chicks Can Cook and Sabor, by going to this link: