Lisa Hochstein

Lisa couldn't keep it together during the energy cleansing.

on Nov 1, 2012

Joanna explains to me that Romain decided not to come (understandably). Joe Francis then has the balls to come up and say hi to Joanna. Has he lost his mind? It's like he was trying to stir up trouble all over again. He's either completely oblivious and has his head in the clouds or he is trying to stir up trouble once again.

Lenny and I tried to console Joanna when she was visibly upset. I hate to see her like that. This emotional, softer side rarely surfaces, since she usually has a much tougher exterior. She was really hurting. I felt for her. Joe was so out of line for speaking so inappropriately about Joanna, especially with Romain being right there the other night. It was not a very manly thing to do. Real men don't kiss and tell.

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