You're Definitely From New Jersey if You Talk Like This

“Jeet yet?” “No, ju?”

If you live here, this beautiful state is affectionately known as Jersey. If you don’t, then please call her by her proper name, New Jersey. (Jersey people feel an insane amount of pride for their home state, and that’s just something you don’t mess with.)

When it comes to the state as a whole, it’s very much divided in half. There’s an unspoken rivalry between North Jersey and South Jersey. How you act and what you say are dead giveaways for which side of the state you’re from. (Sure, there’s a Central Jersey, but even people living there have a difficult time pinpointing what areas make it up.)

Something very, very important to know about people from Jersey: Most topics of conversation revolve around two things: food (all-parm everything) and destinations. Here’s a list of sayings you’ll really only hear in the Garden State.


“I’ll take a plain pie with cheese." (And that means a pizza pie, not a blueberry pie … duh.)

“I’ll take a regular cawfee.” (Meaning, with cream and sugar. Not to be confused with being the opposite of decaf.)

“Do you want to split an order of disco fries?”

“Can you get me a glass of wooder?” (Also known around the country as "water.")

“Half a pound of Thumann's smoked turkey sliced thin, please.”

“I’ll take a taylor ham egg and cheese on a hard roll.” (North Jersey)

“I’ll take a pork roll, egg and cheese on a hard roll.” (South Jersey)

“I’ll take an Italian sub.” (North Jersey)

“I’ll take an Italian hoagie.” (South Jersey)


 “What exit do you live off of?” (Depending on the context, you could be talking about the Garden State Parkway or the Turnpike.)

“Have you ever driven down Clinton Road?”

“Go straight for a mile and your destination is on the right past the first jughandle.”

“We’re going to Great Adventure to try the new ride.”

“Go around the circle halfway.”

“What time are you heading down the shore?”

“The traffic heading into the city this morning was terrible. The GWB was backed up and it took me over 40 minutes to make it over the BQE. I’m definitely taking the Verrazano next time.”

“Let’s plan a trip to AC.”

The Jersey Way

“Put your clothes away in their draws.”

“I’d love to go shopping today, but it’s Sunday and everything’s closed.”

“You guys!!”

“How old were you when you experienced your first Bruce concert?”

“Not for nothing, but …” 

“Fill it up, regular. Cash.”

“Jeet yet?” “No, ju?” (Translation: “Did you eat? No, did you?”)

“You know what’s weird? We have to pay to leave New Jersey, but not to get in.”

“Can you go to the corner store and pick up the paper?”

“Quick, go jump in ocean. The beach badge people are coming.”

“I went down the shore to Seaside after prom.”

“I know, right?”

“I’m just busting your chops.”

“Put on your blinker.”

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