Caroline Manzo

Caroline stands by what she said at the reunion and explains her side.

on Oct 19, 2011

OK, as for my friendship with Teresa. I have said time and time again that Teresa was Dina's friend first, and had a different relationship with Jacqueline than with me. I knew Teresa casually over the years, but when we started doing the show together, we spent more time with each other. Those times were always in a group setting, never one-on-one. Did I consider Teresa family? Yes, I did, we all were involved in each other's lives, and friendships and relationships were had on many different levels. Having said that, I still stand by what I said. We weren't buddies, but we were still part of a family dynamic.

The cookbook… Oh, the cookbook. I know we were on Rachel Ray, I know we joked about the Olive Garden, but here's the difference -- we didn't joke about my son, Melissa, Kathy, or Richie. Go to Rachel Ray's website and look up the meatball competition. Big difference. Another thing, if she was joking about being one-sixteenth Italian, why did she tell me in Italian at the reunion that she was one hundred percent Italian? What point was she trying to make? Newsflash -- my mother's family is from Naples and my father's family is from Cinzano. Look on a map, they're both in Italy. My grandfather's name is etched in the wall at Ellis Island. Check it out for yourself, Domenico Laurita. I know Teresa says I'm a liar, but I'd have to be pretty good to accomplish that. (Note to self: Go back and repair broken lock on Ellis Island window.)

It was never about the Italian remark, it was about the underhanded sneaky insults towards the rest of us followed by an insincere apology. I referred to her once as a modern day Lucille Ball because of her flighty "innocence" and goofy personality back in the day. To use my words as a defense against your insulting remarks towards my son is unbelievable. Apology not accepted.