Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline looks back at the entire Punta Cana adventure.

on Oct 10, 2011

It was nice to see the guys playing golf, having a good time, and getting along with each other. They were entertaining. Hey Albie and Christopher, nice hearing you laugh. (I love your sense of humor.) Hey Chris, nice dimples! (I love seeing him laugh.) Hey Giudice, nice swing!(Stick to martial arts.) Hey Gorga, nice ass! (We've seen a lot of it lately, but clearly not more than Melissa has.) Hey Richie, nice rolling hubcap! (You were out of control!) Hey Albert, nice being the only one having respect for the game. (The Hardrock thanks you.) Well... Boys will be boys.

I loved the Latin game show themed music during the Punta Princess contest. That was very clever. More clever than some of our contestants. LOL! Did I hear Teresa say that our vice president was Clinton or his wife? Oh dear Lordy. I think that maybe it had just been a looong day. (I knew that game was a bad idea.) The Hard Rock certainly was a beautiful resort. Overall, the trip was fun and definitely a learning experience.