Jay Mohr

Episode 13: Jay thinks L.A. might be the perfect place for Ashley.

on Aug 14, 2011

Ashley tells Jacqueline that she wants to move to California. At this point I’m surprised Jacqueline didn’t pull a Greyhound bus ticket out of one of the kitchen drawers. Ashley asks her mom, “What part of me isn’t being realistic?” Oh, Ashley. I said I wasn’t going to make fun of you anymore, but you keep taking it up a notch. Ashley tells the camera in her interview, “In California I can just focus on me.” Yes, that’s right, Ashley. You need to get away from this toxic environment. You don’t deserve to get two free cars and to live rent-free and to have free clothes and to not pay any bills. No one can treat you that way. You need to call Amnesty International or Bono to see if they can bust you out of your third world mansion.
Later in the show in a Franklin Lakes gym, the Manzos are training with Salvatore. He is Chris and Albie’s kickboxing trainer. Do you see the difference in personalities here? We see Christopher tending bar and we see Ashley sitting at the bar playing with her hair. We see Ashley sitting on her ass in the kitchen, and then we see the Manzos AND Jacqueline in a kickboxing class. Lauren brought Caroline along to kickboxing class for motivation. The big problem is that Momma Manzo ain’t getting down and doin’ twenty for nobody. She isn’t into the whole working out thing. It’s like she’s saying, “I just got a ten karat ring, I ain’t doing no freakin’ push ups.” Since Caroline has been the most motivating person on the show so far, I was very surprised that she didn’t roll up her sleeves and put Salvatore in the Manzo death grip. If I ever go exercising with anyone on ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey’ I am going to go with Greg. (We need more Greg!) I love any guy that wears dolphin shorts and during sit-ups let’s you see his balls. Caroline has to stop mid “work out” because she is about to puke. Salvatore the trainer tells her to grab some orange juice to make her stomach feel better. Orange juice for nausea? If that doesn’t work do you move right to ketchup and vinegar? This kick boxer ain’t no doctor.