Jay Mohr

Episode 13: Jay thinks L.A. might be the perfect place for Ashley.

on Aug 14, 2011

I got a knot in my stomach when I saw Chris, Jacqueline, Jodi, and Matt seated in a booth at a restaurant together waiting for Ashley. This can’t possibly end well. I just can’t believe that Ashley is the type of person to turn this thing around and say, “You know what? You guys are right. I stink!” I am super nervous for Jacqueline, because she has the patience of Job and I fear this might be her breaking point. On a side note: If you’re going to have an intervention to tell someone they are partying too much, maybe don’t have five half empty bloody marys on the table when they show up. Seemed to me to be a bit of a mixed message. Maybe everyone could have just ordered a Fresca.

For months I have been saying that Ashley has great parents. I was wrong. Ashley has AMAZING parents! All four of them are damn cool people. You can’t even get Teresa and Kathy to sit at the same table, but Ashley is at a restaurant with two- stepparents. This is such an incredible example of how great Jacqueline must be. During the meal, Ashley lays out her plan for all four of her parents. She is going to move to California and go to beauty school. Chris once again tries to explain the concept of money to Ashley, but it falls on deaf ears. Ashley’s dad Matt steps up and gives Ashley a motivational speech that could have gotten Caroline to do push ups. It’s all to no avail. Ashley thinks every one is ganging up on her and eventually drops the atom bomb of the show. She looks at Jacqueline and says, “I’m twenty and I don’t have a baby.” This almost made me puke. The disrespect that Ashley has shown her mother has been awful, but this sentence was one of the most disgusting things I have ever heard. Once the mushroom cloud cleared I realized how freaking stupid this sentence was. Ashley cheap shots her mother for having a baby at twenty years old. Ashley WAS THAT BABY, so in essence Ashley is calling herself a bad life choice.