Kathy Wakile

Kathy clears up some questions from Part I and explains some of her comments from this season.

on Oct 19, 2011

As everyone was complimenting me on my food and the evening, Teresa verbally decides for all to hear that she would have done things differently. OK, we get it Teresa. But the whole point of "goddess" night was to embrace our own inner goddess and not try to be like everyone else. By making negative comments about the evening and insulting my food by displaying childish facial expressions, it was clear that Teresa was out to sabotage the whole experience. She even made fun of the theme and the belly dancer. For someone who constantly talks about family, that wasn't very family-like, now was it? Clearly she showed how cruel and petty she can be. This evening was about something that I was trying to do, and it seems that if Teresa is not the center of attention, she will find some way to make that so. Was I angry? Certainly I was, so what was meant as a joke wasn't delivered that way. I would hope everyone can understand.

There is one other thing that I need to clear up about Part 1 of the reunion. I know it looked silly of me when Teresa said I was half-Gorga and I said, "No, I'm not."  Duh!  Of course I am. Yes, my mother is a Gorga, and make no mistake, I love the Gorga side of my family dearly, those living in the U.S. and those that live overseas. In fact Rich and I miss visiting with my uncle terribly. I've always loved him very much. However, there are reasons why I tend to forget that my mother is a Gorga, none of which have to do anything at all with Teresa or my Gorga relatives.  I do wish I could share that with you, but unfortunately I can't at this time. You will just have to tune in to Season 4 as my family story unfolds and you will see why I instinctively said, "No I'm not."