Kathy Wakile

Kathy talks about her all-time favorite holiday, Thanksgiving.

on Jun 6, 2011

First I would like to clear up the many misconceptions about my visit to Caroline's house. I didn't go to her home to ask for forgiveness or to apologize for what happened at the fashion show. I simply tried to explain to her that it was not my intention to start any trouble or cause a scene that evening. My family and extended family have been patrons of The Brownstone for over 25 years. Never, and I repeat, never, has my family nor any member of my family been associated with any kind of problems or scenes at The Brownstone or any other catering facility for that matter. It's just not our style or who we are. Furthermore, I don't feel there is an apology required for trying to have a talk with my cousin. However, the results of me trying to have a quiet conversation with my cousin were unfortunate. But I can't be held responsible for the way she reacted to what I was trying to say. Please note that when she lost her self-control, I did not react. Not because I had nothing to say, but because I didn't want things to get further out of hand.

I can see how many of you might take my following statements as hypocritical, "You only get one chance to make a first impression" and then saying "Teresa blew it for me." Only to say later on, "I don't need anyone's approval." I would like to clear that up too. When I meet someone for the first time, I think it's only fair for an impression to be formed on the way you are treated and your interaction with that person. Unfortunately, the circumstances that night changed everything. I didn't want Caroline or anyone else for that matter to form their opinion of me based on the conversation that turned into an argument with Teresa. I chose to speak to Caroline in particular, because The Brownstone is her family's establishment, and I as I mentioned above, both Rich and I as well as our families have been loyal patrons of The Brownstone for many years, and I wanted to keep our family's reputation intact. Caroline also had a strong reaction towards Melissa and me, so I wanted to clear the air.

I got a lot of comments concerning my new car. Do you really think that was a reward for the fashion show incident? Not! We had been car shopping for my daughter, Victoria, since she would be getting her driver's license soon. I can't believe my little girl is now a driving teenager. How time flies and how quickly they grow! Talking about growing up, looks like Ashlee is growing up too. So proud of you and the steps you're taking towards your positive future! Seems like Jacqueline and Chris' message got through.