Jacqueline Laurita

Jacqueline opens up about why she skipped the reunion.

on Apr 22, 2012

Richard Wakile is a big jokester but he also has a heart just as big. As I've said before, I get him. When he was listening to everyone get upset about Teresa, he took that opportunity to chime in and comically say, “I say we burn that bitch on a stake!” LOL! You have to understand his sarcastic sense of humor, because, trust me, he really does care about Teresa and Joe. Later on, you clearly see him telling Joey to consider how Teresa may be feeling and to always be there for her if Joe has to go away to jail. He is a ball buster, but he is a good guy that cares very much about his family. I love the way he is crazy about his sizzlin' wife. You can tell their love is real. I personally thought it was funny when it sounded like Kathy was talking dirty to Rich as he was sticking the personal lubricant down into the suitcase. “Stick it in deep. All the way down in there!” LOL! Oh and by the way, I LOVE Rosie, Kathy's sister. Don't you?

Joey Gorga teaching his son to use the toilet standing up and to give “it” the shake at the end was so adorable. What a great dad. He seems very... hands on. (Literally.) LOL! I have to give kudos to Melissa for not being the one to tell her husband about what it said in the cookbook and to be willing to give Teresa a pass for that. Not to mention that she was also willing to let go of the hurtful comment Teresa said to her husband about her leaving him for a richer man one day. That was out of line. I have to agree with Melissa when she said, “That's not something you say to a man about his wife. It's like playing with fire.” It's like she was planting a seed to make him feel insecure about her. Teresa always told me how insecure her brother was. Why add fuel to the fire? I couldn't understand what good she thought would come out of telling him that. If she heard a rumor, why didn't she just come out and tell him and Melissa what the rumor was or get the facts first instead of just planting a seed like that in his head. That wasn't fair to either Melissa or her brother. Didn't she just tell Melissa that she loved her and wanted to be a family again? I was confused, but knew it wasn't my business.

I'm not sure why Joey decided to tell Melissa what Teresa said, because that could have gone so much worse than it did. But then again, that IS his wife, and he was trying to figure out why Teresa would even say something like that to him. Some couples tell each other everything. They have open communication. If he had kept it to himself, that little seed Teresa planted in his head may have grown and his insecurities may have manifested in dangerous ways. He chose to discuss it with his wife. He obviously needed her feedback and reassurance that she would never hurt him like that. It made him feel better.