Kathy Wakile

Kathy compares this episode to some of her favorite films.

on May 6, 2012

How about Rosie? You want the best no-nonsense nanny in the world? Just put my sister Rosie in charge! I think she should write her own book called Adventures in Babysitting, Jersey Style. I loved the scenes with Rosie, my mom, Joey, and Victoria looking after the little ones down the shore. I especially love my Joseph’s enthusiasm! I was glad that Rosie and my mom decided to stay with the kids, they sure did get a kick out of them. And yes Rosie, after seeing what an exciting time you had, I guess we do owe you one.

I’m going to call the next part the Love Boat. Well, not exactly. But I do think we gave our best effort, and it didn’t go as badly as anyone might have expected. However, there certainly seemed to be a negative undertow. I’m just glad we didn’t get stranded and I didn’t have to title this part Gilligan’s Island. I still wonder who would be Ginger and who would be Mary Ann! Hey Jacqueline, I never did see that sunset family photo you took of us.