Kathy Wakile

Kathy talks about her adventures with Rosie and reacts to Teresa's comments.

on Jul 1, 2012

Which brings me to Rosie and her talk with Teresa. Rosie and I have always tried to stick up for and protect one another. Last week after my talk with Teresa I thought we were making progress. Isn’t that what happened at our lunch? Now it seems we’re doing the Texas Two Step. (Wait, aren’t we in Jersey?) It seems that with Teresa, every time we make a step forward, it turns into two steps backwards. Many of us in the family were questioning her sincerity, but I didn’t focus on that. I focused on what she was saying sitting across from me, looking into my eyes. Now, after hearing her conversation with my sister Rosie regarding the tabloids and other issues, I have so many questions all over again. I really don’t even want to go over the nonsense again. What I do want to say is the following:

Fact: I have never, ever spoken negatively about my cousin Teresa to any tabloid or have given damaging comments to the press. On the contrary, I have spoken highly of Teresa and sympathized with what she has been going through with the negative tabloid frenzy.

I continue to look forward to mending our relationship and have stated that many times.