Kathy Wakile

Kathy Wakile updates us on her dessert line and dishes on the Posche drama.

on Sep 17, 2012

Food, family time, and the best conversation; These are some of the wonderful things we live for. I just love that Lindsey made breakfast with Albie and Chris. It just goes to prove that it’s not what you make that’s important, it’s who you share it with. As far as I could see, they did a great job and prepared some of my Jersey favorites.
The Manzo boys are certainly no strangers to being in the kitchen, after years of growing up at The Brownstone. If you haven’t heard the news, it looks like they are taking their love for food and the old neighborhood into a new endeavor. Lots of luck to Albie and Chris as they embark on their new restaurant. I love that that they don’t forget where they came from and the taste for simple New Jersey pleasures. Check out the details on The Dish.

I'm so happy to see Jacqueline and Ashlee's relationship getting stronger! Ashlee seems so happy to be on her own and taking care of herself. Jacqueline seems like she's biting her tongue here and there and learning to pick her battles.

Last week I mentioned that I didn’t go to college despite my late father’s pleas. I did take all of the necessary classes for college and my grades were always very good, so I was lucky enough to attend a Technical and Vocational high school that offered the best of both worlds. I was able to explore my artistic abilities and see where they might take me in terms of career choices as well as follow an academic curriculum that would allow me to get into the finest universities. However, at a very young age I decided I wanted to be an artist/cosmetologist. It’s kind of the same thing if you think about it. When I told my dad about my decision, his first instinct was the same as Caroline and Al’s. Papa Pierri said, “OK, there’s no free lunch. After you graduate and get your license let’s start looking for a spot to open your own salon.” Can you imagine how afraid I was? Never wanting to disappoint my father, I promised him that indeed it was my goal to open and operate my own business one day, just as he had done so successfully for so many years. But true to form I was cautious and wanted to gain experience before I had him invest in a business that I was afraid would fail, if I didn’t have the necessary tools. I’m happy that Lauren didn’t get discouraged after her first attempt at business, because now she has Cafface and it’s doing really well.