Kathy Wakile

Kathy Wakile updates us on her dessert line and dishes on the Posche drama.

on Sep 17, 2012

It was the hobbies that brought immediate gratification to both me and my family.
I loved it so much that we were always hosting parties large and small at our home. I loved experimenting with Italian food as well as Lebanese and everything in between.
As time went on, I was able to think about what I would do with myself when my kids didn’t need as much of my attention. Would I get a job? Would I finally open the salon as my father and Rich hoped? Once again the artistic side of me kicked in, and since I had been enjoying making cakes and desserts for years, it seemed only natural to me to find a way to produce a great dessert. I wanted to create a dessert line that allows you to indulge in elegant and decadent treats that satisfy one’s love for sweets yet controls the portion size without sacrificing flavor. By using the finest ingredients at their peak of seasonal freshness, Dolci della Dea - Goddess Sweets was born.

I am thrilled to announce that my meeting with Bindi USA went incredibly well, despite Rich’s constant interruptions and jokes. As you can all see, everyone is fair game to Rich’s comedic comments. Good thing I asked him to let me run this meeting. Can you imagine what could have happened if I hadn’t asked him to zip it? I’m so happy that both Atillio and Giacamo picked up on Rich’s sense of humor pretty quickly. I had to interrupt the good ‘ole boys a few times that day and get them to focus on business. Through all of the silly comments, I managed to get business taken care of and I’m happy to tell you we have partnered with them to create a more realistic way of enjoying dessert while maintaining a long term balanced lifestyle. I’m so pleased that Attillio Bindi, Owner/President, and Giacamo Berreta, Vice President of Bindi USA, were very receptive to my concept. Together we have been working incredibly hard for the last year to perfect my recipes and ideas. Dolci della Dea is at the final stages of quality control. I’m excited to announce that after months and months of experimenting with different ingredients and packaging in efforts to maintain flavor, freshness, and dessert integrity, my Dolci della Dea - Goddess Sweets will launch very soon on QVC with my introductory product The Cannoli Kit. Now you too can be the Goddess of Sweets for your family and friends in your own kitchen.

I’m very proud to be able to present this to you all. Even though it’s taken a few years, I pray that my father can see what I’m doing by fulfilling my dreams and following through with his desire for me to have my own business. Check out my website www.kathywakile.com to find out more about Dolci della Dea.