Kathy Wakile

Kathy's ready to take on a sweet new challenge.

on Jul 16, 2012

No matter where life takes you, it’s always great to remember where you came from. So when I decided to take my dessert making hobby to the next level, I thought Gelotti’s Ice Cream shop in my old neighborhood was a perfect place for me to create some special desserts. “I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!” And who doesn’t love ice cream (or should I say gelato) in the summer? It was a big step for me to get out of the comfort of my own kitchen and decide to make desserts for the general public. So going back to my roots seemed like the logical place for me to start and produce a sampling. I was thrilled that Sal Sigona our longtime friend and owner of Gelotti’s was receptive to my idea as well. We all go back such a long time. As a matter of fact, Rosie’s first job was working for Sal and his partner when they first opened. It was and still is a favorite neighborhood gathering spot.

I’ve been a stay home mom for the past 17 years and my job has been to keep everyone happy and my household running smoothly. I’ve gotten very good at that part of my life, however, my business sense isn’t something I’ve had to work on in quite a while. I’ve been very fortunate to have Rich to rely on for that, and honestly I’ve always liked that arrangement. So Rich’s little pep talk was great and the push that I needed. But wasn’t I supposed to give the pitch? I’m the one who’s making the desserts and doing the work. Some habits are hard to break, and if Rich’s compulsion to take care of me kicks in, I’ll take it. That’s one habit I’m glad he has, and I hope it never changes. I’m a lucky girl.