Kathy Wakile

Kathy was glad that she was able to clear the air with her cousin.

on Jul 30, 2013

We are continually fueled by the ever-increasing levels of respect and attention from each other, but even so, no one said it's easy, because life gets complex sometimes, doesn't it? So, it was quite something that Dr. V was able to help support and translate communications between Teresa and Joe as brother and sister and then bring in Melissa and Joe as their spouses. It brought them all to another level which was nice to see. And I was so glad to have the opportunity to say my piece to Teresa and she to me, and at the same time we both were open to really hear each other.

One thing is true regarding our family for sure -- the very people whom you love the most can actually drift away if you don't pause and take "fun" time together and make an effort to retain that bond. Instead of fighting, you have to play and hang together, and when we do that, it lets us laugh, relax, and simply have fun together. It bonds you all over again and reminds you of why you love one another so very much. Rebuilding our relationships one happy memory at time! So it was great to cook together, drink together, laugh together, take that time out and drop our guards and be able to discuss those things that can normally be stressful...just like how we've been able to help the families we've been meeting on our trip to Italy. All I can say is my Dad must be smiling up there in heaven: he really believed in family love, and so do we.