This Housewife Helped Luann de Lesseps Into Rehab the Second Time

The RHONY pal handled Luann’s situation the right way, recognizing the signs and taking the appropriate steps to get her to seek help.

Luann de Lesseps is doing well after her second stint in rehab, performing her cabaret show across the country and remaining sober. And she has a fellow The Real Housewives of New York City cast member to thank for helping her get straight — Bethenny Frankel.

The Skinnygirl founder reveals on Wednesday’s reunion episode (part two) that it was the very weekend before filming the reunion special that she staged a sort of intervention for Luann, along with some friends and family.

Bethenny says that the catalyst for Luann's return to rehab was when her first husband, Alexandre de Lesseps, her daughter, Victoria de Lesseps, and son, Noel de Lesseps, filed a lawsuit against her for failing to create a trust “for the benefit of her two children.” Bethenny says the public’s idea of Luann stealing from her children couldn’t be further from the truth, and that with her help, she put her in touch with top family lawyers who could sort out the mess.

On top of her family struggles, Luann was also trying to deal with her newfound fame as a cabaret star, with the ladies saying she was having a hard time being humble as she gained more fans through her live shows.

Bethenny says although Luann was absent at the reunion, she will tell her story so the public understands what she was going through — and we wish her the best.

According to Ashwood Recovery, a top drug and alcohol rehab center, Bethenny handled Luann’s situation the right way, recognizing the signs and taking the appropriate steps to get her to seek help. Bethenny also reveals that, at first, Luann was resistant to the idea of returning to rehab, but that she quickly came around.

When a loved one is in need of rehab level help, Ashwood advises the following:

“Do educate yourself about the disease of addiction. Read all of the literature that you can get your hands on. Go to local addiction support groups. Most importantly, speak to a professional about your situation, and perhaps even therapy yourself.”

“Don’t constantly nag, harangue, or beg the addict to stop drinking or using. Incessant pleading will fall on deaf ears at this point. Most probably, up to this point, you have played the role of enabler in their addiction. They have broken up after promise to you, and yet, you have still always been there to clean up their messes and pick them up when they fall. They have no reason to listen to you.

“Do hold an intervention. This can be one of the most effective tools that you can use to convince your addicted loved one to accept rehab. When a person’s entire circle — their spouse or partner, their parents, their siblings, their children, their other family members, their friends, their coworkers — all get together to directly inform the addict how his/her actions have negatively impacted their lives, it can be a powerful motivator.”

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