Carole Radziwill

Carole ponders social media, truces, and Sonja's internship program.

on Jul 2, 2012

Sex, Dating, & Fax Machines

My favorite scene of the week again involves @sonjatmorgan. #ilovesonja. How can you not? Even American Express sent her $1.47 worth of love. But why didn't I know Sonja when she had five houses, a yacht, and 75 in staff? I'm getting the bankrupt, tap water drinking, poop pill popping Sonja, the one with only one to three interns a day.

And, speaking of interns. Last week I launched a #stealingmillsaps campaign but that was before I knew there were three. I need between one to three interns a day, too, even though my apartment is all on one floor. #stealingnaomi #stealingtyler #stealingmillsaps. In addition to faxing, I can teach them about the answering machine, the virtues of a VHS tape, and introduce them to my P-touch label maker. Also, of course, Twitter. We will spend lots of time with the #tweet.

Until next time, loves.

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