LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn wishes everyone would leave what happened in St. Barths in St. Barths.

on Sep 17, 2012

Aviva is entitled to her opinion but I think it’s far-fetched that Ramona was using Sonja to make her self look better. Ramona and Sonja are old friends and they like to spend time together to party and gossip, which is what girls do on vacation. I don’t see any maliciousness in Ramona’s friendship with Sonja but I think that when they get together, they sometimes go overboard with pinot!

Sonja loved her husband and she enjoyed the life they led as a married couple but that is over now and she needs to move on with her life. I am surprised that her ex is being so difficult with reaching a settlement. Surely it’s better for their daughter that Sonja feel secure financially and that they continue to live in the same house so I’m confused as to why her ex is being so stubborn. I hope that they come to a settlement soon so that Sonja can focus on rebuilding her life.