Ramona Singer

Ramona Singer thinks she and Heather finally bonded on the dance floor.

on Aug 27, 2012

We were all surprised that Aviva was coming with Reid and that he would be staying in the villa. Aviva had always told us he would have business and stay at another location with a business associate. I was glad Aviva was coming, but I wish I knew under what circumstances before I committed. I really can't take that much time off away from my family, and if this was no longer a girls’ trip, I might have done things differently. Perhaps I would have left the next day after Reid and Aviva’s arrival or perhaps had Mario come? As we all know, I don't like surprises. LOL!
I’m off to Michigan tomorrow for three Ramona Pinot appearances! Check out the details through www.RamonaSinger.com, and while you are there explore my all new site a bit!
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