Sonja Morgan

Sonja gives you more details about her first Sonja in the City party and the questionable performance.

on Jul 17, 2012

Cocktail lounge covered! Now for the food! My catering partner Steve Carl just happens to be a partner of Donald Trump. Small world! I consulted many years ago on transforming the old Trader Vics in he basement of the Plaza Hotel when he bought it. I also went to his wedding to Marla Maples. Maybe we will work together again?

I'm in London planning the menus with my director Laura Wootton back home. I have highlighted Ramona's wines at many of my Sonja in the City events and past charities, and she is one of the most generous people I know, so she's in. It's a win win. Sonja in the City manages to pull off another event. The food, servers, the rest of the alcohol, and a floral arrangement the size of the moon!

Aviva wanted a seated dinner. But it didn't work so we changed it to passed petite entrées. That's how we roll! You must be flexible. Ramona and Heather were fighting so they obviously didn't see the people in the background chomping down on the scrumptious food!