Kristen Taekman

Despite Ramona's dismissal as the "new girl," Kristen sounds off on Aviva, Heather's authenticity and her first year as a Housewife.

on Aug 12

Aviva is always literally putting her foot in her mouth or maybe should I say on the table!

"At least I am not 50?"

"Well I thought she was older?"

Hmmmmm. . .I am not sure saying you are older is ever a compliment unless it was targeted at a six-year-old kid.

Ramona nailed it, Aviva has no sense of humor. Don't you all just want to see Aviva let her guard down, let loose, have fun and not take everything so darn literally? Because I know I do. "This isn't the hood it’s the Hamptons!" What? Heather acts like a gang member?!? Aviva knows nothing about the hood. . .please!

Hello, Heather, is the most authentic person I know. She has her own style and way about her that makes her Heather -- and we all love her for that!