Kristen Taekman

Kristen just wanted to play nice with Aviva and is shocked by her confrontation with "hypocrite" Ramona.

on Apr 22

Tennis at Ramona's: I don’t play tennis or bocce ball for that matter. I didn't know about the shoes. Oh well, waaaa waaa the new girl doesn’t play tennis.

I had to voice my opinion to Ramona about her not showing up for Heather's party. This was an intimate party celebrating her anniversary. I have no problem with her not going and I am sure Heather would agree. It's the RSVPing and just not showing up. Come on Ramona: the text message not going through? At least own up to it and tell her the truth why you didn't go.

Ramona's Fourth of July party: Gorgeous house and it was a beautiful party with great food and drinks. The moment I walked in, Ramona grabbed me and had her chat with me -- before wine even! Wow, I have to say I was shocked. She is just out to get me. Not my place to say anything? Do we all remember her getting involved with the fight at Aviva's house with Carole and Aviva? Hmm, was that her business? Can you say hypocrite?  Listen, in my book it's not OK to RSVP that you are going and just not show up. Ugh, #staytuned.