LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn thinks Heather is only 10 percent gangsta, sends a Bravo to Aviva, and explains why she didn't kick Amanda out.

on Apr 7

This episode has us BBQ-ing, brunching, and parading as Mermaids. . .just a typical Hampton's weekend, right? I've hosted so many wonderful parties in my Hamptons home and I go to many fabulous events during the summer -- and I can assure you that this BBQ is not the norm. Most Hamptons BBQs are fun, laid back events where people mix and mingle without all the drama. . .more laughing and definitely less cussing!

Heather was getting really frustrated towards the end of the night because she'd had it with Amanda, who wouldn't butt out of Aviva and Carole's ongoing argument. I don't think Jonathan could have pulled Heather out of the melee because Heather's fierce when she's fired up. I was thinking that it's hard to argue with a mouthful of fruit tart, but no one seemed interested in my dessert. BTW, it was delish.

I love Heather, and I respect how much she stands up for her friends -- but she went a little overboard in the tough talk with Aviva. I can see why Reid stepped in to defend his wife, because Heather was transitioning from argumentative to aggressive. When Sonja commented that "that bitch is street," I couldn't tell if she was complimenting Heather or insulting her! I've spent enough time with Heather to know that she's 90 percent lady and only 10 percent gangsta. Holla!