LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn thinks George's gf has a screw loose, Sonja needs to move on, and that Kristen and Josh are headed for trouble.

on May 27

I really love this episode and feel like the drama is more fun than usual -- maybe it's because I get to pick on Ramona.

There are so many nicknames I have for her so its really hard to choose, but my favorite is the Ramonacoaster. It's a wild and crazy ride!

Kristen certainly got a taste of the ride when she met with Ramona. There were moments of lucidity, shared by moments of staring off into the empty restaurant lacking for the right thing to say. I thought Kristen handled herself well in the situation and that Ramona tried to be sincere, but I have to say it looked to me that Ramona didn't really care. She tried hard to care but it wasn't happening and that's why it didn't really work (flowers and all). I do know Ramona does feel bad about what happened. but has a problem getting it across. I hope Kristen will eventually forgive and forget!

My favorite part of the show was Carole in Ramona's office interviewing candidates for an assistant. LMAO! Love the random questions and Carole's laidback way of handling the interviews! Ramona trying to hit on the boys and her random outbursts of advice made it even funnier!