LuAnn de Lesseps

LuAnn doesn't think a leopard can change his spots -- and that Ramona should have been smart enough to not get photographed.

on May 13

I don't think Ramona would go to therapy because I don't think she realizes her behavior is not normal. I guess thats what makes her Ramona.

I felt bad for Austin, he was clearly not excited by Sonja's advances. I love to watch Sonja flirt -- but not this time. He's just too young. My son and daughter are almost his age, so it made me sick to my stomach! I much prefer Sonja flirting with Carole. LOL

I knew when I saw Ramona packing she was out! I was not surprised she showed up in the Hamptons. I was surprised she was not smart enough not to be photographed!

More Berkshire adventures coming up! Bisous to you all and let the fun times continue! FYI I love the Berkshires and Heather is a great hostess.