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LuAnn: Why Pour Salt in Sonja's Wounds

LuAnn laughs off the "Lu-Mann" comment, is bored of BookGate, and explains how to properly wash a wine glass in the Hamptons.

This episode in the Hamptons had the ladies crafting (and cussing), brunching, sun bathing, tennis playing, and lobster baking!

We begin with a party at Ramona's where Ramona felt it necessary to counsel Sonja about taking on too much while dealing with her financial situation. My take on this is that Sonja's branching out in all directions, instead of focusing on getting one venture off the ground. I've always been supportive of Sonja and will continue to support her in the future.

How can crafting with kids turn into such a disaster? I thought Kristen's joke about Ramona's eyes was funny and Aviva needs get a sense humor. What was shocking to me was Aviva telling Kristen to "shut the f--- up" in front of their kids! This is why some of ladies think Aviva is a few cards short of a full deck. I don't understand why Kristen is getting involved in Aviva's conflicts with other housewives, nonetheless, Aviva was way out-of-line to drop the f-bomb after asking Kristen to tone down the conversation.

My heart breaks for Heather when I see her frustration with Jax's health problems. We are all hoping that the doctor can fix Jax's hearing loss and other health issues. Heather can be tough, but when it comes to her baby, she's all heart.

Playing tennis with Ramona and Mario is always interesting -- and usually, more fun! Mario is an excellent tennis player and Ramona is always super competitive. That day, she was not on her A-game and we were beating them soundly.

I can understand why Ramona would not want track shoes on her clay court because the soles can really damage the surface so I wasn't surprised when Ramona banned Kristen from playing that day. I keep extra pairs of tennis shoes on hand for my guests so I never have to worry about my court or about hurting my friend's feelings if they show up with the wrong footwear.

Kristen gets a taste of Ramona's wrath when she confronts Ramona about not showing up to Heather's anniversary party. Everyone knows that when Ramona is cornered, she can be aggressive and it wasn't Kristen's place to admonish her. Ramona knows what she did was wrong and it's up to her to apologize to Heather.

Ramona is concerned about Sonja, so I understand why she mentioned again to Sonja that she's spreading herself too thin. Sonja is working very hard on keeping it together and having positive attitude, but I'm sure she's frightened by the prospect of losing her home. Ramona should have let Sonja relax and forget her problems for a little while instead of pouring salt into Sonja's wounds.

I didn't mean to hurt Sonja by remarking that her show could use a little polish. After all, she was talking about taking her show on the road and I thought she'd be open to a little constructive criticism. Guess not! Sonja calling me Lu-Man behind my back is laughable. At least I'm upfront and honest to her face.

I thought Sonja was being immature when she ignored Ramona at the beach. Did Sonja really forgive Ramona or is she still harboring resentments?

Kristen planned a lovely lobster bake for us and it was a beautiful night for a beach party. It's tradition on Hamptons beaches to take off your shoes and leave them with everyone else's before hitting the sand (Hamptons beach goers feel very safe doing so and in my many years coming here, I've never lost a flip flop!) In this case, it was a private party so Sonja's insistence on hiding her shoes was a bit paranoid.

As for wine glass washing etiquette at beach parties. . .the ocean is not sterile but I've never heard of anyone getting sick by rinsing out a wine glass in the salt water. A better solution is to rinse the glass with bottled water but if this is not possible, a little swish in the waves never killed anyone.

Frankly, I'm bored by BookGate! Carole and Aviva need to let it go and stop obsessing about who wrote whose book. It was a little creepy when Aviva pulled out a galley copy of Carole's book. I'm not surprised that their conversation went downhill from there. I tried to break up their argument and almost broke Carole's foot in the process. I just wanted an end to the fight so we could all enjoy our lobsters, wine, and good friends!!

Until next week, bisous my friends!

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