Sonja Morgan

Sonja doesn't understand why LuAnn has no trust in her friendship -- or why they couldn't go out to eat.

on Jun 24

I couldn't believe the girls canceled the dinner reservations because the restaurant at the Paws Up is fabulous with an amazing view from the veranda and has a gorgeous sunset. The service at this point had been very iffy at the cabins, and Ramona had yet to pick up the phone to put that in its place -- so I didn't understand why Kristen would take it upon herself to try to host a dinner.

I already had cabin fever since the only thing we could see for miles was trees and cabins -- our two cabins. I know Kristen was already edgy and Lu had definitely been riding my ass since my Setai spa outing asking about my house. Even though she said it wasn't proper etiquette to talk about a woman's finances, she laced right into it at the winery, pushing me about my business opportunities. I just wanted to relax and have a good laugh and enjoy myself. I don't interrogate my friends about their businesses and household finances, even though I hear things. I'm here to support them and to make them feel good about themselves.

It would have been nice to see some other people at the restaurant with a lighter atmosphere who may just appreciate me for being me.

Speaking of lighter atmosphere when Henry showed up in his white nubucks I found that very funny since he was the cleaning crew/maintenance guy/butler/clean-out-the-fridge guy -- and his shoes were spotless. He and I had a good, light-hearted time. I love housekeeping and making sure everyone is comfortable, especially Ramona. She needs things to go smoothly on vacation.

When LuAnn says that she and Kristen are from Connecticut and that's why they get along so well, I couldn't help myself but to say I wouldn't admit that. I consider myself a Connecticuter, since I lived there my entire marriage and I think it's the most beautiful state in America. However my comment was more aimed at LuAnn because she was just really aggravating me being so sweet with her new friend Kristen, yet every five minutes complaining about me not being a good friend.