Sonja Morgan

Sonja explains why Ramona's words hurt her, what's really going on with her assets, and why she is so sick of #BookGate.

on Apr 22

4th of July in the Hamptons! Boy did the fireworks really fly this week!

Ramona's photo shoot was funny because Coco never looks at the camera. She wanted me to come by, so despite everything that I was doing at the time, I dragged Marley out of the house and dropped in. No dog is smarter than Millou -- and Marley is "not the sharpest tool but he is pretty" and growing on. He does a lot of charity work with me since Millou passed away! They always say a dog's mouth is cleaner than a human's. I always share my glass!

Jax is a beautiful child. So gorgeous with personality like his mother. It gets so emotional when she receives the phone call that he is eligible for the surgery. I really respect the work Heather does to raise money for the Kellner Family Pediatric Liver Disease Foundation. As someone who does multiple charity fundraisers, I know how hard it is to bank. Heather worrying about Jax puts the whole BookGate and the back-and-forth insults with Aviva in perspective. I'm very happy Heather has a change of heart at the BBQ on the beach where she encouraged Aviva to talk to Carole.

The fight between Kristen and Aviva got heated immediately at the soap place! Kristen's comment about Ramona's eyes with the doll was awkward and mean. I agree with Aviva on this one. Kristen is new to the group and is really trying to get her word in edgewise. With this group you all know that it is impossible! She seems too high energy, too early.

Aviva's f-bomb was another thing. Everyone is getting on everyone's nerves at this point.

Kristen talking to Ramona about us not going to Heather's anniversary party was uncalled for. Ramona is right -- it is not her place. I texted Heather, and she said she understood. Ramona sent flowers the next day and admitted she was too chicken to tell her the night of. I had the opportunity to go to France to get my house sold, or possibly get financing on it, and I took it. Heather wished me well and said to call her when I got back. I'm sure she was too busy to call me with the party and all.

It has not been easy dealing with everything that is on my plate, but, like I have done throughout my entire life, I am managing everything while staying in the moment. Raising my daughter as a single mom with no divorce settlement, working on the show, managing my houses and finances while developing my businesses is hard. I have been separated from my ex-husband since 2005, when my daughter was five years old, and my goal has always been to main stability for her in her childhood home. That I have done. As I said to Ramona, money doesn't grow on trees. Raising a daughter is an overtime job in itself!