Sonja Morgan

Sonja explains why Ramona's words hurt her, what's really going on with her assets, and why she is so sick of #BookGate.

on Apr 22

Ramona's comment about the Caburlesque was hurtful to me because she was not there and she heard it from someone else. It made me feel that she was not being supportive. A true businesswoman manages more than one thing at a time. Ramona manages her Pinot Grigio, jewelry line, and skin care line. My houses, the assets, my financial investments that I gained over the years, and the lawyers that I deal with on a daily basis are a part of my business. There is much more to my life than just managing my houses. My daughter is thriving and getting straight As and has plans to go to top schools in the country.

My lifestyle IS my brand. My contacts ARE currency in my business. Sonja In The City is known for the press and the big names it attracts. When I broker a deal, plan a charity, or do a performance, it is not name-dropping. Those are solid players I can count on. Behind-the-scenes I am getting access to top venues and private locales in St. Barth's, the Hamptons, London, and Morocco and sponsors and tradeouts with fabulous people in attendance -- through my hard-earned and maintained contacts.

Lady Morgan's house is not crumbling down. Being in a Chapter 11 doesn't mean that I cant pay my bills or spent money that I don't have. Chapter 11 is a restructuring of your assets -- not a Chapter 7 or a liquidation. When I was in the movie business I gave hundreds of people jobs, and some at very high salaries. I ran the production business out of my townhouse with many full-time employees. When one movie deal memo went sour, I got this judgment against me and filed the Chapter 11 to protect and restructure my assets to have time to decide out how to pay this $7 million judgment for a $15 million dollar film that Sonja Productions LLC offered to partially raise money for.