Sonja Morgan

Sonja thinks LuAnn needs to lighten up and light an abundance candle, and wishes they went to Dubai instead.

on Jun 18

I wasn't thrilled at first when Kristen suggested us going out west. I have a house in Colorado, so I would prefer to go someplace I haven't been -- someplace more exotic, like Dubai or Gstaad. Going out west with this crew is not a getaway. But I do like to ride horses, shoot clays, and sleep outside in tents! I would definitely go back to Paws Up with the man for a romantic getaway. The food and service was very good.

Now to break this episode down!

When I saw Kristen accusing Aviva of lying about her asthma I cringed. I then laughed so loud to see a grown woman have to show her medicine to make it real for another grown woman.

Part of being a stylist intern is learning to pack properly. I can't tell you how badly people pack. First thing they do is start to fold everything into little tiny packages -- that of course gives you the maximum amout of wrinkles that you do not want. To be an assistant to a high-powered jetsetter or celebrity you must know how to pack efficiently and it starts with the packing list. Even my baby nurses used a list. Always! They could seemingly pack in their sleep, yet they always used a list. People do not realize how important lingerie is and that's why they're called foundations. Your lingerie sets your mentality for the day. So it would make sense when you're packing that your lingerie would set the theme for your trip. I always start with my color scheme and my lingerie. However, I must say my interns and I do like to ham it up. . .

I wanted to share the house with Carole and Ramona. I called LuAnn a shadow when I should've called her a wet blanket. She has been riding me constantly and complaining about me all the time. She keeps saying I never spend any time with her, but I'm with her all the time. I spent time at her beach house. She complains I spend more time at Ramona's house, but I alternate. I go to her parties. I go to Ramona's parties. She comes to my parties. I make sure I invite her to everything I do. We went to GLAAD together and had dinner with Jacques at the Time Warner building. I treated Lu to dinner at my favorite restaurant San Pietro and a friend of mine treated us to dinner at downtown Cipriani (you know Cipriani is my middle name). She even comes over to my house without calling first and just rings the bell because she knows we are great friends. We had lunch at Brio (my favorite luncheon spot) where they treated us to dessert. On The Real Housewives of New York City you see me treat her to a beautiful day at the Setai spa. I invited her to my 1920s Sonja in the City charity event, my gorgeous luncheon by Seth Levine of Georgica at my home in Watermill, etc. She has become very needy and I have no idea why but I have a full life to deal with aside from my relationship with LuAnn. We spend plenty of time together, it was a long flight to Montana that we chatted on. We spent half the day in the park biking and then back to Lu's and out to dinner. So if she can't use her words to express what's really on her mind, I don't know what I can do with her. Maybe she needs an abundance candle and some good meditation? One thing is for sure she needs to stop taking it out on me. I've always been a good friend to her! We have a great time together and I don't take my problems out on her. She needs to lighten up.