Sonja Morgan

Sonja admits to being buzzed when she returned, but she won't stand by as the ladies lie to her face.

on Jun 3

Go to my Facebook page to see me making the baskets after Siro's and before the attack of the girls who missed out meeting my friends who own winning horses. Next time they better stick by my side and not dump me to go box hopping! Who does that?!

But of course the puppy Kristen has to stick her nose into it again when Heather and Lu say, "Just let it go, do not go up and aggravate her further." LuAnn texted me? She knew exactly where I was going -- Siro's. Just as we planned and talked about all day. Everyone leaves the stands after the races and goes to Siro's. I had a great time. They simply missed out, and then they blame me!?!

Now later, when they talk "the straw that stirs the drink" into staying and not going off the Hampton's after doing the entire day at the track.... you will see drunk! Why do they need me to stay if I'm so mean?

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