Inside Alexis Bellino's Surprising (Amazing) July 4th Vacation Plans

There is archery involved in this former #RHOC cast member's trip — but definitely no flannels or jeans.

The Real Housewives of Orange County former cast member Alexis Bellino has some mid-summer holiday weekend vacation plans that are giving us all kinds of trip envy. And, no: This isn’t the kind of status quo luxury holiday you might expect.

“We go to this dude ranch every year for a week — and that’s the one trip my kids will not let us give up,” Alexis told Jet Set at the show’s season premiere in Hollywood. “It’s over the whole week of July fourth. It’s so much fun… they love it!”

The ranch is all about disconnecting to reconnect — so that means no cell service, for one thing. “There’s no iPhones or computers or anything that works there. And if you even want a toothbrush, you have to walk all the way across from your cabin all the way to the front desk to get it.”

Alexis said her hubby Jim has the hardest time letting go of the technology to actually unwind.

“For sure [it’s] Jim [who struggles with this the most] because he runs a lot of businesses,” she said. “So he has to sometimes drive into the town just to get his laptop up and booted, where he can like actually get a signal to do some work.”

And it’s precisely because it’s so hard — and rare — for him to unwind that it’s something he can benefit from most of all. “It takes until the third day. By the third day, he’s finally… sitting with a margarita in his hand at the pool!”

Of course, just because the family vacation happens in a ranch-style environment, don’t expect to see any flannels or jeans here. “At this dude ranch you still have to wear a sport jacket to dinner at night,” Alexis explained. “They want you to be classy — but you get dirty during the day!” 

Alexis said it’s the family’s fifth year carrying on the fun tradition, which includes horseback riding, hay riding, archery, and other activities. “We wanted to get rid of it this year and do something else and [the kids] all started crying and they’re like, ‘Please mom and dad, we love [this trip] — that’s our favorite!’"

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