Gretchen Rossi

Gretchen is still in shock over Vicki's promise of an apology.

on Apr 17, 2012

You see Slade ask me in the car if I want him to just cancel the performance, so I have a big decision coming up! Do I go for it or do I chicken out? Be sure to stay tuned to watch and see what I decide to do!

On another note all your favorite Gretchen Christine Cosmetics Products you have been requesting are back in stock at my website ( and we have added some great new colors to the line as well! Also I am excited to share that I am the official spokesperson for my favorite Haircare line HBL (Health, Beauty, Life). Some of you have commented on the commercial you have seen run during Housewives where I am talking about HBL being my secret to great hair and have requested where to purchase it. So I have now made it available through my website, so it is easy to find! There is a ton of instructional videos of how each product works so it is easy to figure out what is best for your hair type! Hope this helps!

Thanks for the unconditional love and support every week through my Twitter and Facebook accounts! I invite you to join my wonderful list of friends!

Gretchen Christine